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Default Re: Student Loan debt

Originally Posted by Kael View Post
Yeah, this can't help but be related to broader problems with labor and employment. A lot of people go to college not just for the idea of a better-paying job, but because it delays having to enter a workforce and economy with fewer and fewer options. My wife and I have been living very largely off borrowed money for school, not just because the jobs we want require degrees, but also because without them there's just no serious prospects for work that wouldn't keep us poor enough to stay on the govt dole for life. As we've discussed many times between us, we look forward to the day when we actually owe income taxes.
This is why I'm in grad school. :unnod: It only pays 10 grand a year, but that's 10 grand more than I'd be making otherwise. Plus it means I can continue to defer my loans. :biggrin:
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