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Default Re: Student Loan debt

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
A liberal arts education is not supposed to be vocational training, but it does provide vocational benefits in ways far less concrete than (this made me mad) that lady in that article saying that she was working in social media, which isn't even part of a college curriculum! As though her educational background was somehow completely irrelevant because it doesn't exactly match her current job title. She doesn't really think she'd have that "social media" position with just a high school education, does she?
Originally Posted by Kael View Post
Of course, it may also go without saying to those who know me that I think the value of a liberal arts education is great and central and necessary, completely independent of whatever job prospects it does or does not open up. Knowledge is cumulative, and there's absolutely no good reason we should handicap future generations by not giving them as much of what we have now as we possibly can - whether we can see a practical use for it or not.

I am the beneficiary of a Liberal Arts education and it is indisputably the case that because of that education I am the totally awesome human being that I am today. Also Jesus.
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