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Default Re: Trivial things that annoy you

One of those dumbasses who uses my email address signed up for Credit Karma the other day, and they would not stop sending me nag emails, so I found the first email, which had a link to click if it's not your account. But that link just takes you to this page (with a user ID that I edited out, but it's the same page).

So from there, you have to select the option to cancel your account, which brings up a new menu that includes the option "I started receiving emails from Credit Karma and I have never visited the Credit Karma site."

Scroll down. You cannot select that option without providing your name and birthdate. The "I've never visited your site" option.

So my name was NA NA and my birthdate 00/00/0000, and I STILL had to go through THREE FUCKING ROUNDS with their fucking shit customer support demanding my name and birthdate in order to get them to stop fucking spamming me. Of course, I didn't give it to them, but then again, I don't even know that I'm actually off their spam list.

BTW, it's entirely possible I know the full name and birthdate of the person who tried to sign up, so that's some ass security they've got there, too.

So yeah, don't use Credit Karma. They're a sketchy company to begin with, but they're also completely incompetent.
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