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After a few episodes each of the CW DC universe.

Flash: Good as always, a bit shaky so far in setting up the main villain but a lot has been devoted to dealing with flash fucking things up. It's developing as another promising season.

Arrow: After ignoring last season I'm stepping into this again, and it's... better. A new team arrow, some forward progress, and the flashbacks, while still kinda annoying are actually going somewhere.

Legends: Not perfect but big improvement! Dumping the single quest and being slammed around in time is doing them some good. Not to mention their enemies are finally as campy as the show and they seem to be embracing the silliness. As usual White Canary and Mick are the break out stars, making it worth wild. I really hope they give Canary a serious female love interest instead of the smattering 'oow better not go to far, tehehe' they've done so far. But already this season is shaping up to be better than the last (especially without insufferable asshole and barista woman).

Super Girl: Holy shit, it's SuperMan, and he's not silhouetted. Beyond that it's been stronger this season and just as dorky as ever.

As someone who grew up mostly a Marvel fan, the CW DCU is making me enjoy DC comics, and they are the few shows I regularly watch anymore.

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