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Default Re: Fucking education! How does it work?

Originally Posted by Adamus Prime View Post
I disagree. I think there's value in assuring that everyone gets a consistent baseline education, even if we're not 100% certain that it is the best education a person could theoretically get. I think at minimum this means having an agreed upon curriculum that all students are required to complete, and providing publicly funded schools at which it is taught.
What happens when the "agreed-upon" curriculum falls into Texas Textbook Shenanigans territory?

I don't have any particularly strong views on whether or not private schooling or homeschooling should be allowed or disallowed, provided those forms of schooling cover the baseline curriculum. I'm leery of unschooling because I don't see how there's a mechanism for assuring that a student will get a baseline education consistent with what everyone else is getting.
I'm not a parent, but if I was I would fight tooth and nail to ensure that my child did not get that baseline TTS education because it would just be more work to unteach it in the long run.

Sure it would be great if there was a baseline education that was worthwhile (english, math, civics, whatever I don't know or care, I think that's Waluigi's point at least in the bit you quoted ... "we" as a society haven't agreed upon anything so far), but in the US at least, the baseline is total crap. Maybe it is better in Europe. :shrug:

In the specific context of the sailing girl, I was mostly reacting to the notion that thinking that a sailing trip is not an acceptable excuse for missing out on part of that curriculum is some kind of overrestrictive European nanny-state thing.
The nanny-state issue is that the state or the judge or whoever felt it was appropriate to overrule the wishes of the parent and the child. It's one thing to have the village or society or whoever provide public education to children, it's another thing altogether to have the state's decision override the parents' decision for their own children.
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