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Default Re: Vive la Resistance! aka non-Trump US politics

Originally Posted by Watser? View Post
So go fuck yourself asshole.
:lol: In other words, even you can't deny you just said some stupid shit.
I've been going out of your way, avoiding this fight.
Which is why you responded to a post from over a month ago in a thread that I started. Because you were avoiding this fight.
But you, no you can't let go, can you?
See above.
You think in order to win elections you have to be 'Republicans Light'.
[citation needed]

You don't know shit and just make up shit.
Don't come crying to me when you lose the next ones.
I was crying so hard when Roy Moore won last month, and Republicans were elected governor in Virginia and New Jersey the month before that.

The Democrats lost because they were running as "Republicans Light" :sadcheer:
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