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Default Re: Good King Trump

This reminds me yet again of good Walker Bragman, "leftist" idiot, and his article "A liberal case for Donald Trump: The lesser of two evils is not at all clear in 2016".
Originally Posted by Walker Bragman, walking upper-middle-class brocialist self-parody
Ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.? Not a chance.
Basically, we will not have immigration reform, but we will not have people rounded up in the streets and deported.
We have the Muslim ban, although it's not a ban but he says it fulfills his promise about the ban and it is a ban, but really it's not a ban :wink:

We have effectively stopped accepting Syrian refugees, and greatly reduced accepting refugees from Muslim and non-white countries.

The guy who calls undocumented immigrants rapists now says they're not even people, they're animals. They are being rounded up in the streets. ICE is holding parents and children in custody for months on end, and separating even young children from their parents and holding them hundreds of miles away. Now he complains that it's not harsh enough, and "we have to break up families". He wants to warehouse children on military bases. And he's rescinding legal status for hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have lived here for years or decades and built lives here, and unless they "self-deport" eventually ICE will come for them too.

It turns out the racist piece of shit really was a racist piece of shit.

It is interesting to me how many folks who write constant jaded jeremiads about Democrats expressed views like that. So many great cynics who see through all that centrist Democrat pandering got totally played by centrist pandering from a Republican while dismissing his racism as just pandering.

Coincidentally, this article was approvingly cited by a certain somebody who whines that this forum is now a circle jerk (because what he really wishes is that it were a circle jerk for his opinions). I guess because we needed to own the neolib shills or something.
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