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Default Re: Recommended web hosting?

My highly biased but not necessarily bad advice is to avoid the companies that do too much marketing. At least exclude "I have heard of them" from your decision process.

What matters is (a) competitively priced offerings of the features you actually need, without paying for the ones you don't (shopping carts, 500 blogging packages preinstalled) - which is pretty easy to assess - and (b) quality support when you need it - which is hard to assess (reviews are often influenced by marketing).

Watch out for traffic limits. They probably won't bite ... unless you decide to expose one of your scripts to :ff: in which case :spend:

They often price by number of databases, like none in a basic offering, then 1. One is probably fine. But you've probably looked at this already.

You'll want to use a US-hosted and supported service therefore I have no actual specific suggestions.

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