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Default Re: An Arf-Arf Here and a Meow-Meow There... E I E I O!

My parents have an astonishingly beautiful cat. He's a golden chinchilla Persian and has a coat the likes of which I have never seen before: huge tufts over and around his ears, massive mutton chops of fluff, fur asploding all over his paws. The thing is, he's hopelessly neurotic, scared of everything all the time. Mom (she's a shrink) says he's hypervigilant like he has PTSD. He barely lets them touch him and I can't even get near him, of course.

We've had two Persians before and both of them had wonderful, happy, relaxed personalities. My Dad is a firm believer in breed character, which is why he would never adopt from the pound no matter how much I harassed them about it. Now look what they've got. I think Jason's gifts all went into his coat so there was nothing left for his poor addled brain. Give me my wonderful domestic shorthair anytime.

Purebred obsession aside, my parents would be 100 times happier with a fun, interactive cat like mine than that shell-shocked beauty.
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