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Well, superhero costumes rarely make sense in the real world anyway.

Like, how many of the big superheroes actually wear costumes that you could conceive of a person wearing in real life? Not talking about choices made for practical reasons (the Flash wearing something skin tight for aerodynamics would make sense, for example), just anything like color scheme or impractically designed (capes are not good, for example, and female superheroes don't want skimpy costumes designed around maximum cleavage).

Superman? Nope. Spider-Man? Nope. Wonder Woman? Nope. Captain America? Nope. Batman? Nope. Wolverine? Nope. Fantastic Four? Nope. Green Lantern (comic or movie version)? Nope. Daredevil? Nope (jokes about his blindness and color scheme aside - it's inexcusable that he would make his blindness obvious). The Flash? Nope. Aquaman? Nope. Other X-Men, like Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler? Nope, nope, nope and nope. Catwoman? Almost, actually.

Even the X-Men film costumes, which were really much more believable than the comic book costumes, are still too much (especially on the female characters).

Iron Man is one that I can believe, almost. I have to say that I find it more likely that Stark would go with a color scheme that is more camouflaged. Without color changing, he does go into too many contexts (flying requires different camo than being in an urban environment, which are the two places he spends most of his time) for one color scheme to work everywhere, but red and gold doesn't work ANYwhere. I guess the question is whether Stark would view that practicality as more important than just looking cool (although that suit would still look pretty cool in camo colors...)

Hulk's simple pants make sense (they have to be pretty stretchy tho)... but purple?

So I can't see myself being too concerned about why he's wearing an organic suit, when really, the Green Lantern's original costume is only slightly less ridiculous. And if it's not created by the ring, the fact that Hal Jordan chooses to dress that way... well...
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