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Okay here's another one. Chris Colfer, the young actor who plays Kurt on Glee (and is awesome at it), has a sister with severe epilepsy, not just really bad epilepsy, but super torture scary 50-seizures-an-hour epilepsy. He was glued to her side when he was in school, helping care for her at the expense of any social life he might have had. Now that he's on a hit show, he's making good on a promise he made back then.

[Their mother] Karyn adds: "You know, when Chris was growing up, people would ask him, 'Are you going to become a doctor so you can find a cure for your sister?'" And he would say, 'I'm going to grow up and become a famous actor so I can pay someone ELSE a ton of money to find a cure.'"

True to his word, Chris recently donated a large sum of money to the nonprofit group CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy).
That makes me love because he's just 20 and freshly famous. He could snorting up all his money or going diva on set like oh so many of his peers, but instead he's being awesome. :heart:
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