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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by ChuckF View Post
:lol: Comeback? To what? Something you just made up about evidence regarding fraudulent quack Andrew Wakefield's conscience? Why would anyone care about Andrew Wakefield's conscience? Clearly it didn't stop him conducting unethical medical research on children, or taking all that money from anti-vaccine litigators before doing it and then not disclosing it to anybody; the question now for anti-vaxxers and Corrupted Text hawkers is, as ever, how to profit from it. (But you probably don't want to start pulling at the "there is evidence" thread too hard - moons of Jupiter, etc.)
There's so many assumptions here, there's no way to get you to take your blinders off. The accusations against Wakefield are flimsy, at best. It amazes me how a witch hunt can gain such traction. This is a testament to that.

Originally Posted by Chuck
The entire point of corrupting the Authentic Text with anti-vaccine nonsense babble is to tap into a market of anti-vaxxers who will believe literally anything. That is why the Corrupted Text is now replete with silly anti-vax corruptions. But it's one thing just to copy and paste stupid things without reading them, which you do masterfully. It's another to offer a solution to the moral problem of defending Andrew Wakefield's unethical medical research on children while claiming to care about MY CHILD - that is the new value that the Corrupted Text could offer to hypocrite anti-vaxxers who defend unethical medical research on children! I think you could do it just by adding a few more corruptions to your Corrupted Text.
What a joke. You talk about my compilation as if you have read it and understand it. You are the master, not Wakefield, at twisting the truth to suit you. :giggle:

Originally Posted by Chuck
I mean, I don't know if it's worth $41 to them, but it's worth a shot. If you threw in a free gift of a packet of bleach and an enema bag to ram up some autistic kid's rectum, maybe.
You're getting weak again. The sarcasm is working against you Chuck. I suggest you read the book so you look like you have a legitimate refutation. As of now you look like a fool!
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