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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

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What you call a perfectly valid scientific experiment does not mean that the conclusions have considered all variables that could interplay. It is very shortsighted, and unless you watch these videos
What video? I am responding to the survey you posted. It was not a study at all, and it offered no controls at all. Therefore it is bullshit.

As I said back in 2013
The self selection process is the start of the invalidaty. It is inherently biased and subjective due to 1) how and who found the online survey and 2) the reasons/motivations behind their choice to either respond or not respond.

If they do respond, they of course may lie, they may exaggerate, they may misremember, they may be mistaken, they may answer in a biased manner to support their "side", they may respond in a biased manner to make the "other side" look bad. It's not data, it's whatever respondents want to say is the data.
I have posted more than enough links to scientific studies indicating a relationship between autism and vaccines. Look at this.

Vaccine Schedules, Autism Rates, and Under 5 Mortality
Not a study, people with an agenda playing with statistics.
As I said, studies are not the end all. Look at how many studies are flawed. Now they say eggs are good for you, especially the yoke which was demonized for years. Cholesterol isn't the problem anymore; it's inflammation. Studies often draw false conclusions. There is another problem called corruption. Look at the study that failed to indicate a problem with the MMR vaccine and African American children. It took a whistleblower to come forward to admit that they took this part out of the study to make the vaccine look perfectly safe. This is not playing with statistics. Part of acquiring information is looking for patterns. Seeing a disturbing pattern, researchers are trying to identify why the U.S. has more infant mortality than other countries. No, it doesn't prove that the overloaded vaccine schedule is the only contributing factor in the rise of infant mortality (comparatively speaking), but it adds to the growing suspicion that there is a strong connection. This should be of serious concern for anyone with young children.
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