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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post

The sordid story of vaccination programs reveals the enormous gaps in the knowledge base of the orthodox medical establishment, especially a profound lack of knowledge of the dynamics of health and disease and functioning of the human body. It is the same medical industry, which enjoys the protection of the institutions of the State in most industrially developed countries.

Prevention is better than cure
Wow, peacegirl...that's a lot of cut and paste. You do know that correlation does not necessarily mean causation?

So...Are you really 'anti-vaccination'? That is, you oppose vaccination entirely? Some kind of body integrity thing?

I'm just wondering...because I'm not anti-vaccination. I am sympathetic to the vaccine critics because the whole paradigm is at the point where it has taken refuge in the sacred cow status of medicine and both have consequently been corrupted and perverted to the use of greed. Medicine for profit does not seem to be a very trustworthy model. I don't trust it.

I do accept that the provision of vaccines has indeed helped control some very debilitating diseases which once afflicted our society on a wider basis. I do think that the 'horrors' of some of those afflictions have been oversold and the efficacy of the vaccines to treat many of them also was oversold. There were indeed mistakes made along the way and, once successful, a paradigm was granted sacred cow status and applied to problems for which they were not particularly effective tools. Along the way, issues of drug safety and control of manufacture have been ignored and fallen victim to political machinations outside the scientific community.
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