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I've been to rehab (i know- surprise, surprise!). I had the time of my life. I was in there for drinking in my early twenties. I was drinking shit like Listerine and vanilla extract by that point. I was the drunkest twenty-something they had ever seen. I was proud of that fact...still kinda am.

Anyhow, I had a great time in rehab. I was fed well. I made good friends with interesting people. I worked out a lot. We got to do art and creative writing. Lots of sports. Fantastic time! The day after I got out I started drinking again.

Rehab removes you from reality and protects you. It seemed destined to fail. The people there do good things and want to help, but it's just not the kind of place to go to clean up. You need to clean up in your life and rehab removes you from that.

What worked for me was going to AA for a while (though i eventually quit because it felt kind of cultish and i don't drink coffee) and being in detox. Detox will wake you the fuck up...though i was there three times, so i'm a heavy sleeper. It puts you down with the lowest of the low and that's the reality of hitting bottom.

I guess rehab works for some and it at least removes you from the situation for a while, but i think NA is the better bet. You have people there to help you and all in the same boat, but you have to rely on yourself mostly to make the change.
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