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I know I'm probably going to get shit for this, but I am an acupuncturist who works in detox at times.
The number one problem of addiction is that it is a coping mechanism for an underlying cause, which can be highly variable.
People released from rehab need a series of supports and coping mechanisms that do not depend on addiction. Rational Recovery and various 12 step programs provide some community (although that community can be other relapsing addicts so may not always be the best, but mentors have good results IIRC).

Acupuncture gets better results with counseling in addiction therapy, after acute detox. I don't see people who aren't getting both, because it's just not effective. People who have been through multiple rehab programs are generally harder to work with, so different approaches become useful. Here is some research by various journals on acupuncture and detox
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