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davidm I wanted to write in more detail about my experience with kratom but my mind is constantly occupied lately.

Here is a thread I posted in regards to the considered DEA ban last year where I try to weigh out my experience against what I consider the myths with some examples:

I took kratom for about 6 months maybe midJuly to a week and a half ago, about 5 grams a day. It helped as a mood stabilizer and pain remedy. I ordered around 300 grams of Balk Bali green extract from I would put it in a teaball and boil it with black tea and sugar or more commonly swallow it with water. I had no withdrawals when I ran out. It is something that only works in moderate doses. 3-10 grams a day is all anyone should take for good effects. I was able to take welbutrin (300-450mg a day) and drink any varied amount without bad side effects. I smoked marijuana maybe 1-2 times on average per month. I used pot dependently for a decade before starting kratom. I also quit cigarettes over that time, though occasionally use an ecig. I am not prone to seizures and have never had one unless severe panic attacks count but I haven't had one I'd compare to a seizure in like 8 or 9 years. I have some other thoughts probably but I think the thread I linked is thorough enough about recent events surrounding the substance and it's perception.
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