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Sad First World Problems

My life is becoming overwhelmed with first world problems. Each to their own would be laughable, but in the whole, I'm beginning to feel sort of second worldly.

My car got bashed by some lady who pulled out in front of me. I had to get it fixed and drive a cramped rental for a week. I paid nothing. Then I had to take it back because something was loose. Then when doing the warranty work they didn't plug in the lights so I had to reach in and plug them in myself.

Then my wife's car was rear ended and smooshed into the car in front of her. So we had to get that fixed for nothing and another rental.

Then my contractor was held up finishing our basement so we're like 2 weeks behind schedule. Forcing me to work from home today to let people in because the family is gone on summer vacation stuff. Our tile is way too expensive so I have to go pick out a new one to match our granite counters. Otherwise, I'll have to settle on a smaller big screen. :faint:

To top it all off I had some minor surgery that was covered by my insurance and spent 2 weeks doing nothing at home while on drugs. I did have to fork over a small deductible. :live: Work has been flexible so I'm easing back into it while working on my 2 big screen monitor setup from home. But the Starbucks coffee at home isn't as good as the Starbucks coffee at work and I've missed several free lunches and donut days. Now that I'm better, they expect me to come into the office. :doh:

Then to top it off, Ronaldo. :goal: :sadcheer:

What are your first world travesties?
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