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Default Re: Fucking education! How does it work?

Originally Posted by Ensign Steve View Post
One notable exception being depriving a girl of an opportunity to sail around the fucking world! I mean, c'mon.
That's part of where I think it's an equality issue. If the price of making sure that kids who would otherwise be disadvantaged by their parents' disinterest in educating them sufficiently is that some relatively advantaged girl did not get to take a really cool sailing trip, I am not going to stay up crying at night.

Note that I didn't really follow the story closely, so I don't know whether she was given the option to keep up with her education in some nonstandard way while sailing around the world or whatever. If not, then that's pretty stupid.

There sure is, and the current system is abused to handicap the smart and curious and turn them into the automatons that society wants and needs in order to be calm and orderly.
Well, I meant social or economic classes, not really classes that would differentiate between the smart and curious and the not smart or curious, but point taken.
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