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Default Re: What's the frequency, Colorado?

Originally Posted by davidm View Post
In this case, it appears that the news media is simply reporting what federal law enforcement officials told reporters: that the killer modeled himself after the Joker.
Do you have a source for that? This article attributes the Joker claim to an anonymous law enforcement official who has been "briefed" on the killings. Since New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly made the claim publicly in his press conference announcing an increase of security at NYC movie theaters, I would not at all be surprised if he was the earlier anonymous source, not the feds, and I would take anything he said with a gigantic grain of salt.

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates, who as far as I know is in charge of the investigation because the FBI isn't involved yet, would not comment on the Joker story except to say that it's not true that the suspect was wearing Joker makeup. All he would say about the suspect's look is that he was dressed in black, wearing a gas mask and copious body armour. None of the witness accounts I've read thus far have said he called himself the Joker or the enemy of Batman or anything at all, for that matter. It's not easy to be heard through a gas mask, after all, even less so when there's a hail of bullets going down both live and through an incredibly loud movie theater surround system.

It's a groundless allegation at this point, from what I can see.
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