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Default Re: A revolution in thought

Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
You're so threatened by this knowledge that you have to satirize it with your stupid poems. But... this discovery will never be far from your waking consciousness because deep down you know there may be truth to it, which is why you cannot leave. If Lessans turns out to be right, you will have to admit that time is not a 4th dimension, that there is no way a person can travel back to the past in a time machine, that the eyes may not actually be a sense organ for the reasons given (as hard as this is to swallow coming from someone who believes that his interpretation of special relativity is the only game in town), and that determinism is not a modal fallacy because nature does not force a choice on you against your will (unfortunately, you still fail to understand why being able to make choices without constraint does not make your will free). I believe what scares you the most is having to admit that you're not the genius you thought you were!
Peacegirl is certainly amazing, instead of admitting that she has failed, she doubled down and continues to spew the same old BS. She claims to have attended college, but I can't believe that she would have even completed HS, believing all the BS that her father wrote in the book. Did she just nod her head and do lip service to what they were teaching in HS? If so, she is one of the biggest hypocrites ever.
The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you donít know anything about. Wayne Dyer
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