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 Team ATeam B
RoundEncryptorCluesOpp GuessTeam GuessCodeEncryptorCluesOpp GuessTeam GuessCode
2slimshady    lisarea    
3ceptimus    Limoncello    
4Kael    erimir    
5slimshady    lisarea    
6ceptimus    Limoncello    
7Kael    erimir    
8slimshady    lisarea    

Team B is up.

Your clues from erimir are land, path, green

Now it is time for lisarea and Limoncello to discuss in this thread what they think the three digit code is. Then they post their guess here. Please post your guess in bold like this Guess: ###, so I can tell your official guess from conversation.

Remember you don't want to give away to the other team what your key words are!
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