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Default Question: which is better?

When you work in a large company, they have things like employee art exhibits.

I am serious thinking about submitting an idea I had. I replaced the keyboard on my old MacBook and now I have a bunch of tiny screws in a watch glass.
Like most normal people, I wondered, "What do they look like under the microscope?"

I kind of like this picture idea, because I can spin its interpretation in both ironic and non-ironic ways. The problem I'm having now is an aesthetic question. This is a focus stack, and I can either choose to maximize the focus, or I can select parts to be out of focus. I chose to do it two ways, and I'm a bit torn as to which one like better. Your opinion matters to me, so time for a poll:


or 2.

Submissions are due Monday. I'll probably make a decision by tomorrow afternoon.
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