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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Stormy, death belts cause cancer, autism and diabetes. Just check out ChuckF's posts in this very thread. In addition, mandatory death belt legislation takes away the rights of parents--the true experts--to decide what's best for their own children. :sadcheer: Such laws are actual, literal Nazism. :yup:

It a sign of privilege to live in a society where a disease has been nearly eradicated by vaccination. Indeed, nothing says “privilege” quite like refusing the same vaccines that an impoverished mother in a developing country would trudge five miles to get for her child.

No sooner did the privilege disappear — destroyed by anti-vaxxers themselves whose choices have ushered back a deadly public scourge — then the anti-vaxxers folded. It was fun when they were just immoral freeloaders who exposed other people’s infants and immunocompromised children to injury and death. It’s no longer fun when their own children face the very same risk of injury and death they were willing to countenance for other mothers’ children.
Anti-vax is a particularly ugly form of privilege | The Skeptical OB
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