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Default Re: One of those 'Wat'cha Listenin' To?' threads.

Speaking of Burroughs and Gysin, one of the few possessions I've held on to since my early 20's is this book, which was where I first heard about Burroughs and Gysin's cut-up method. I used to keep a journal back then, and I did some experimenting along those lines myself. I didn't actually write prose then cut it up and rearrange it, but rather did it on the fly. In other words, I would start writing kinda stream of consciousness, then periodically glance back a sentence or two, grab a word or thought and run with it. Most of what I produced is nonsense, but some is kinda interesting (to me, anyway). Another of the few possessions I have from my early 20's is that stack of notebooks. In two years I managed to fill about a dozen 100 page college ruled notebooks. Maybe I'll post some excerpts here eventually, in case anyone is ever THAT bored.

Anyway that publishing company has put out some other really cool books, too. Angry Women, for example, is a compilation of really cool essays. I wish I knew who I loaned my copy to, 'cause I want it back. And I've always wanted to order their Modern Primitives book about body piercing and tatoos.
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