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Porn papers, surrealistic artifacts, kitchen smells, defecated food and sprayed perfume cocktail.
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There you go again, dear, disclosing intimacies of our brief time together that should be kept private. At long last, have you no couth? :sadcheer:

If it was not the immaculate mother of the happy and innocent brain…
Yes, I am generally happy, but here, you seem to be suggesting that I am stupid. Did you forget that I am a professor emeritus of home economics at Chester Alan Arthur Junior High?

… who opened her protective lap …

… the enemy of faith …
You must be aware of the fact that I am a believer in Jesus Christ, dear.

… renowned for her porn papers …
First, they were not my papers; they belonged to my previous beau, Horace Dunwiddle, and they were not porn — they were detailed anatomical studies. Horace was an amateur artist.

… surrealistic artefacts [sic] leave the kitchen smells …
So you didn’t like my cooking?! My food was surrealistic artifacts that left a bad odor in the kitchen??? Please see above, concerning my professional credentials. You don’t get to profess home economics for nearly 40 years at a prestigious junior high named for a distinguished president (who introduced civil service reform) if you don’t know from food!

… foot-path of defecated food …
This is incredibly unjust, and deeply insulting. Was you, and not I, who got so drunk that one night that you missed the toilet and trod excrement all over my white shag carpet! And I didn’t even make you pay for the cleaning!

… sprayed perfume cocktail …
If you didn’t like my perfume, you could have just said so, dear.

… the Love Based Coitus or Coitus Lacking Love …
I should have known all along that you were in it only for the cheap thrills, and not true intimacy. No wonder I kicked you to the curb. :sadcheer:

And — to be quite blunt about it, Alex — your latest work is not up to snuff. It pales in comparison to your admittedly magisterial Gulag Archipelago. Perhaps it is time to retire your pen and devote yourself to crocheting, or else whiskey.
:sammich: :sammich: :sammich:
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