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There you go again, dear, disclosing intimacies of our brief time together that should be kept private. At long last, have you no couth? :sadcheer:

If it was not the immaculate mother of the happy and innocent brain…
Yes, I am generally happy, but here, you seem to be suggesting that I am stupid. Did you forget that I am a professor emeritus of home economics at Chester Alan Arthur Junior High?

… who opened her protective lap …

… the enemy of faith …
You must be aware of the fact that I am a believer in Jesus Christ, dear.

… renowned for her porn papers …
First, they were not my papers; they belonged to my previous beau, Horace Dunwiddle, and they were not porn — they were detailed anatomical studies. Horace was an amateur artist.

… surrealistic artefacts [sic] leave the kitchen smells …
So you didn’t like my cooking?! My food was surrealistic artifacts that left a bad odor in the kitchen??? Please see above, concerning my professional credentials. You don’t get to profess home economics for nearly 40 years at a prestigious junior high named for a distinguished president (who introduced civil service reform) if you don’t know from food!

… foot-path of defecated food …
This is incredibly unjust, and deeply insulting. Was you, and not I, who got so drunk that one night that you missed the toilet and trod excrement all over my white shag carpet! And I didn’t even make you pay for the cleaning!

… sprayed perfume cocktail …
If you didn’t like my perfume, you could have just said so, dear.

… the Love Based Coitus or Coitus Lacking Love …
I should have known all along that you were in it only for the cheap thrills, and not true intimacy. No wonder I kicked you to the curb. :sadcheer:

And — to be quite blunt about it, Alex — your latest work is not up to snuff. It pales in comparison to your admittedly magisterial Gulag Archipelago. Perhaps it is time to retire your pen and devote yourself to crocheting, or else whiskey.

He was born in nowhere in no year, at a time when guardianship of the mankind's unseen mating tradition was prevailing all over the world and successful international approval had greatly enriched The Mating Rule. One might have been already told that the mating pairs could not be peeped so they were to be swollen with pride and their sexual intercourses were hidden from the eyes over and happy or unhappy coituses, differing from those of others of animals because of having got no rivalries, greed, and great disparity between porno or poor sexual position induced love making generally. The Love Hunter came from one of the poorer and least influential of the families based on the intimate sexual intercourses of the Post War II Era. Orphaned at a too much lately age, he had a reputation for honesty protected by NATO-what NATO? Why and How?-and reliability. The Love Hunter had already accompanied the VIP guests of the national day receptions of The Well Civilized Countries like Kuwait and Israel on brewing missions to Turkey and Syria for the sake of The Great Mideast, where he had come into contact with Christian Archbishops and with Rabbis beside sheiks , when he was asked to lead a similar expedition himself on behalf of the wealthy ladies hired by Condoleezza Rice. This was successful; and he accepted Russian Romantic Writers' proposal of cooperation on his return to love affairs. The corporation based on that cooperation proposal was a happy one which bore him six projects-why not seven?-and The Love Hunter took no other project or mating theory exercises until after Syria's and Turkey's economic death. Thus freed from financial problem creation anxiety for the first time, The Love hunter was able to devote himself increasingly to spiritual concerns ad hoc The Public Coitus. He pushed his own sexual partners sexual intercourse positions into some vague states frugally, and yet distributed much of his mating scenes to the onlookers peeping through a peephole, and was conspicuously kind to them. He used not to retire alone to an isolated sexuality cave viz. a traditional bed room for days at a time in order to drill and push by means of his male apparatus. He made the people received his first exhibition in an unknown time of probably daytime or an early evening, when he reached to be forty years old as if an angel appeared to him in his public coitus state and commanded 'drill and pump' loo! When the onlookers demurred, the angel overwhelmed him in his embrace until he reached the limits of his pre ejaculation endurance. Then the angel proclaimed what was to become the first verse or line of the SOLZHENITSOF's Novel: "The Love of One in Twos" rendered between The Love Hunter and The Mating Girl Student18+correctly
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