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Default Re: The only true words of God

Originally Posted by ShottleBop View Post
There is no devil. Our thoughts are as important as our feelings. There is nothing about our feelings that indicates that they, especially, come from God. And your response to my post regarding the various religious traditions was entirely uninformed and lacking in any effort to understand.

I aee no value in responding further. It is obvious that you believe that you have nothing to learn from this thread.
In a thread addressing "the only true words of God," I thought it relevant to provide examples of words that, if any words can be said to be truly "words of God," demonstrated such inspiration as to perhaps qualify. I do not consider our emotions to be "words from God." Gifts from God, perhaps (if God exists), but we need thoughts to understand those emotions, to communicate them to others, and to turn them into action. Moreover, we are embodied beings:our emotions, like our thoughts, are dependent upon, and mediated by, our bodily processes.

Love is an emotion, but so is lust, and the feeling of one is no more an act of impertinence, or the word of God, than the other.
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