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Default Re: The only true words of God

Originally Posted by Awareness View Post

You are supposed to learn that our feelings what we are able to have are especially made for us to communicate and understand each other.....

God gave us the feeling to care about people, it not a thought , it is not a law, we did not learn this, you see, you feel and you act on it.......
What you say here is where your philosophy fails. We each have our feelings. But we can't communicate and understand each other without thought. We can't act outwardly on ANY feeling without thinking about how to act.

Understanding requires communication. We can't communicate with each other without thought, and we can't understand what has been communicated to us without thought.

I can't know anything about how your feelings cause you to "feel", what is it like for you, without you communicating to me, and me seeking to understand.
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