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Default Re: Vive la Resistance! aka non-Trump US politics

Originally Posted by Kamilah Hauptmann View Post
The date/time stuff can be tricky. My DSLR camera (not professional grade) is not updated based on my timezone, unless I update it manually. That can mean that a photo at 5PM might not have actually been taken at 5PM. If the camera It's more likely that the date is correct or 1 day off (due to timezone issues).

At a glance, the professional grade Nikon cameras do not look like they have a GPS feature which might make date/time settings automatically correct. It may have WiFi, so maybe it can auto set the date/time if connected to a network.

So, more than likely, the pictures's date is more or less correct, and the time may be correct.

The modified time is less certain, because some of that is OS/editing program dependent. I don't have all the info but it might just be when the photographer decided to collect all the photos and burn them to a disk. It's probable that photos of Franken's USO tour were archived as a result of his election. Those photos instantly become more historic, for a number of reasons.

I suppose there could be a more nefarious plan, but I'm not willing to believe a single inappropriate photo was intentionally held on to until it could be revealed at the most damaging time. I suspect it's more likely that Tweeden remembered some inappropriate behavior from Al Franken, and went looking for proof.
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