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Default Re: Well, It Looks Like I'm Going to Have to buy Skyrim ... Again

Originally Posted by Ymir's blood View Post
Assuming that they get done in a similar fashion, you should be able to get some armor variants and the ability to actually craft some of the pre-existing ones like Imperial variants.
A wider variety of craftable/usable armors would make the game considerably more fun and immersive, in my opinion. An ability to customize your armor (as you can in ESO) would be especially welcome.

Sadly, my biggest gripe with the game was the thing that was hardest to deal with, all the linear quests and dungeons, and as you sort of mention, the fact that the game expects your character to join all four guilds and become leader etc...
I hear you. One nice thing about Oblivion was that there were often multiple ways to resolve a particular questline; not so with Skyrim. And if I'm going to become Archmage or Harbinger of the Companions, then those titles should involve the ability to do something. Otherwise, they're utterly worthless; it's kind of insulting that after you've done all the work to earn the title, you're given no opportunity to actually use it.

Ok, my other biggest gripe was just how insufferable Delphine is.
Yeah, I love Paarthurnax; he's one of the very best characters in the game. I think I'd pay good money for a mod that would allow me to tell Delphine (and to a lesser extent, Esbern) exactly where they can stick their hypocrisy and bigotry.

I am reasonably certain there were ones to add seasons and there were a lot of ones dealing with reputation and such. My favorite of those is one that disables the autostart of Brynjolf trying to recruit you until and unless you actually, you know, STEAL SOMETHING.
I hadn't thought of that, but that is an excellent idea. I like to play good characters, and so, though I've played Skyrim several times, I've never joined the Thieves Guild, and I've destroyed the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary on every play-through.

I might have joined the Thieves Guild, just to see what it's like, but I've never been able to get past the introductory quest. I am not going to frame the perfectly nice Brand Shei for a crime he didn't commit. So stop trying to recruit me!

As such, I wish you had the ability to refuse quests and not have them cluttering up your menu. I am NOT going to join the Thieves Guild, and I most definitely am never going to betray and murder a friend in order to join Boethiah's little cult.

Speaking of such, a questline that allows you to infiltrate and cripple the Thieves Guild (as you can the Dark Brotherhood) would be most welcome. It would be especially welcome if it culminated in the Dragonborn sending the despicable Maven Blackbriar to jail or simply killing her. [Every so often, I like to raid Blackbriar Hall and kill all the thugs that hang out there. Not because there's any necessity to do so, but because I imagine it weakens Maven Blackbriar's power, and pisses her off to boot.]

A mod that led you melt down weapons would be a bit overpowered since you could then turn around and reuse the materials to level up the smithing skill. High level materials make expensive weapons and the amount of value you create determines skill gain. (This is why the Dwarven smithing perk was so necessary as with a bit of effort you could get tons of the ingots by smelting the junk from dungeons)
That's probably true; Smithing is an easy skill to level up as it is. If you've got the carrying capacity (or don't mind being overburdened), you can come out of a Dwarven ruin with easily enough metal to craft a dozen or more sets of Dwarven armor. If practically every dungeon was a source of enough iron or steel to craft dozens of sets of armor, your Smithing skill would go up PDQ.

I do like the idea of taking apart armors to learn different armor styles, though, kind of like how you must destroy an enchanted item to learn the enchantment.

I did like the crafting in ESO, pity the game was so unbalanced in the actual play.
I felt the same way. I wanted to like ESO, but didn't enjoy the gameplay. I liked the crafting and especially the ability to customize your armor, though. (That having been said, why did you have to discover or be awarded the ability to mix paints/dyes of different colors? That's just stupid. You mean that the Player Character has figured out how to mix blue and yellow to make green, but is too stupid to figure out that if she wants a bluish-green shade, she has to use less yellow and more blue?)

Originally Posted by Vivisectus
I think a new iteration of Elder Scrolls would be even better, one where they can try to use some of the lessons learned in Fallout 4 to create an extended end-game that is more about building and managing a community as a small-time baron.
I imagine that Bethesda is working on The Elder Scrolls VI as we speak, but Skyrim is going to be a tough act to follow. I don't mind if they take their time to get it right; an improved version of Skyrim will tide me over until then. (Let's hope that they take the time to beta-test TES:VI before it's finally released. When it was released, Skyrim was an awfully buggy game, and it still has quite a few bugs that frustrate console users.)

One of my biggest problems with the game is that it doesn't really offer you any long-term projects. Furthermore, by the time you've completed most of the questlines, you've got literally millions of septims lying around, and there's nothing you can spend them on.

So yeah, I'd love the opportunity to engage in a long-term project like rebuilding Helgen and perhaps serving as the rebuilt community's baron. (Or maybe not; I might prefer to oversee the rebuilding of the community, while leaving the day-to-day running of the city to a trusted advisor.)

Or, if Helgen is now considered to be an unsuitable place to live, there are plenty of places in Skyrim where you could set up and build a brand-new community. With all the money you've amassed, the Dragonborn could easily afford the project. And building a city from scratch would be a time-consuming, long-term project, so it would give you something fun to do when you aren't busy saving the world from dragons/vampires/Miraak.

I would love to be able to try to create better houses for the people I have gathered so much reputation with, stimulate trade which in turn attracts raiders that need to be fought off, hire and equip retainers to guard the place, build a mansion/castle, etc.

Fallout 4 saw a few steps in this direction, but I think the mechanics need more work. It would give the game tremendous moddability and replay value, I think.
I absolutely agree.
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