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Default Re: What the liberal media don't tell you: Most REAL economists oppose Net Neutrality

The reason why we have a monster like Trump as president is because of people like erimir. It’s not just that he helped foist a useless candidate like Clinton on us. It’s because, just like Trumpkins, erimir lies all the time — or perhaps, more charitably, he can’t tell the difference between the truth and a lie.

The idea that the NY Times somehow helped Trump get elected is a LIE — or it’s a monstrously stupid misunderstanding of reality. With the possible exception of the Washington Post, NO major news outlet has been more aggressive in challenging Trump and pointing out that the orange shit head wanna-be emperor has no clothes.

Does this mean that the Times coverage of the election or anything else is flawless? Of course not. The Times is ridden with debacles: Judith Miller, Jayson Blair, the recent appalling piece on the normal Nazi … the list goes on.

But to claim that the Times somehow facilitated the election of Trump either by sins of omission or commission is, in my view, utterly unsupported by any evidence and in fact all the evidence goes in the opposite direction — as I’ve already shown in the links upthread. And I can show MANY MORE such links.

To misunderstand or deliberately lie about reality EXACTLY plays into the hands of “President” Cheeto Benito and his toadies, who want to OBLITERATE the distinction between truth and lies. So keep it up, erimir, you’re a useful idiot for our wanna-be dictator! :pat: Once both people on the left and on the right have abandoned any devotion to truth then what little democracy and justice is left in the corrupt oligarchy that is America will be gone. Not that it matters much, I suppose, as climate change will put paid to all of us in a couple of generations.
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