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Default Re: Getting good ideas from irredeemable assholes, or should I try meditation?

Once upon a time (1997), in a land far far away (Utah), I took a tai chi class. At the end of each class we had a meditation exercise. We students would lie on the floor with out eyes closed. Our instructor would walk around the room playing something that would make a rhythmic tone, usually a soft sound of somekind, nondescript, really. He would tell us to go to our favorite place in the world, to fly there in our minds. I played along, imagining flying to SW Colorado to sit and watch the sunset from a rock on the rim of the Dolores River Gorge. It was a very relaxing 10 minutes. About the fifth or sixth session, our instructor switched to some kind of little drum during the session. I totally went somewhere else in my mind having visions that were not in my control. I was not asleep. It was weird, as if in a trance. He had to kick my foot to make me come out of it.
Sleep - the most beautiful experience in life - except drink.--W.C. Fields
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