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Default Re: Getting good ideas from irredeemable assholes, or should I try meditation?

I finally dragged myself to the library today. I immediately rejected all the books which had a quote from Deepak Chopra on it, or referenced Transcendental Meditation, God or spirituality on the cover or introduction. The point is that I'm likely to get angry at the spiritualism and chuck the book in the corner rather than try to glean the interesting tidbits.

I found 2 books. One mentioned the scientific method in the introduction (good) and how the author knows that he can't evaluate his own experience via the scientific method (also good - the author knows his own biases). Ultimately, I chose the other one, because its content is based on Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy. That's not to say I won't go back and read the other as well.

MBCT is the clinical application of meditation, and the therefore likely to be secular in its approach and methodology, as well as having some scientific knowledge to back it up.

We'll see how it goes from there.
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