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Default Re: A revolution in thought

Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
So what is it you are asking? You want me to admit that photons have to travel 93 million miles to reach the sensor, and you're doing everything you can to accomplish this so I will have no recourse but to concede. Is that correct?
Yes, that is correct, because in point of fact photons from the sun must travel 93 million miles to the earth to reach the eye, which means we are seeing the sun some eight minutes as it was in the past because it takes the photons some eight minutes to travel that particular distance. And no, we do not see the sun itself, we see the light from the sun -- just as we see our reflections in a mirror and not some objects in the mirror that are our duplicates! Your stupid "idea" would require that we see our real doppelgangers made of actual matter standing in mirrors!

You are talking nothing but absurd, idiotic rubbish. Every time you try to answer Spacemonkey's questions you make a bigger and bigger fool of yourself. Your blabber about matter and the inverse square law and mirror images at the eye and closed boxes and on and on is stupid nonsensical trash.
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