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Default Re: Video Games - Watcha playin'?

This isn't the right thread for it, but it's close enough. I was reading on RPGFan that the new cell phone game Tales of the Rays will be free to play. At that point, I lost all interest in the game. If there's one way to turn me off your products is to make me the merchandise and then saddle me with (likely) micro transactions in order to do anything interesting.

I prefer Square-Enix's model of charging their customers for their games available on Android and iTunes. Remember kiddies, if the game is free, then you're the merchandise, not the customer.

On thread related news, I recently purchased The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky on Steam. I originally played it on PSP but never finished it. I hope to correct that with the PC version (which incidentally, is the original version).

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