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Default Re: Anybody Watching the Convention?

Originally Posted by HelenM
Lying is knowingly saying what is false in an attempt to deceive others. Someone who thinks they are telling the truth, is not lying even if what they are saying isn't in fact true. Is there evidence that GWB knowingly said what was false to the nation? If not then he wasn't lying. He was mistaken, but that's not the same as lying.

Well Bush was told repeatedly that the 9-11 and terrorism connection to Iraq was suspect. In response his handlers commissioned a group within the CIA to find evidence that didn't exist.

When insiders went public with this info, they got fired or "resigned" instantly.

At this point it is well known that the WMD/terrorist supporting claims are false. This hasn't stopped Cheney from saying he has evidence the 9-11 comission doesn't that completely establishes the Iraq-Alqueda connection.

Why didn't Cheney give this evidence to the commision? What is this evidence?

Did Cheney lie? If he did lie why isn't the president of the US exposing him?

Who controls GWB? Is it an omniscient, omnipresent god or someone, something else?

Why are Christians supporting GWB? Do Christians not realize they are supporting a known liar who falsely claims he is the mouthpiece of god?
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