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Default Re: A revolution in thought

Originally Posted by JoeP View Post
I'm glad some of us are so "racist" and "reactionary" and above all, uh, authoritarian that we'll still speak the truth even without permission from established authorities! For example, it's true that ceterus paribus, societies which ban female genital mutilation are morally better than societies which tolerate and/or excuse it. This is all true based on conscience, reason and science, not whether Dr. Goldsilverbergowitz gives me permission to speak the truth. Indeed, considering their track record of promoting hatred for conscience, reason, and science in schools at taxpayers' expense, which is all too consistent with their own irrational hatred for gentiles, those with names similar to Goldsilverbergowitz should be watched closely by people who are genuinely in favor of truth, beauty, and right. For starters, they should be required to practice complete financial transparency. Power, even the power of money, is never enough to make anyone right. Aryans can understand this quite readily. Can you?
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