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Default Re: Miscellany

tina fey recently remarked, on the ellen show,
when asked the gender of her unborn child, that
she would know when she saw what it chose to
wear to prom.....

once you declare a gender on a birth certificate
in some states, it is irrevocable, which sucks in the
major leagues for transgender and transexual people

gender fluidity isnt novel, just unappreciated

btw, preferred gender pronouns (PGPs)
sometimes used by gender non-conformists
are zie, hir, hirs.... and yeah, it takes
a few tries to get it right, but it isnt
actually all that difficult...


gender 101

sex is between the legs
gender is between the ears
and love is between the lungs

proudly holding to the party line of willfully ignorant self-interest
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