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Default for goliath...

One spring a couple goes hiking through the nature preserve. Everywhere they look they see animals and their young: robins with the hatchlings, bears with their cubs, deer with fawns... but then, next to the path, just two adult snakes.

"What's up?" they say to the snakes. "No youngsters for you?"

"We are adders," the snakes reply. "We can't multiply."

The next year the couple goes back for another springtime visit. The park is in good shape; the roads have been repaired, signs are freshly painted, and some rough-hewn picnic tables have been placed here and there. Again they see many animals with their young, and this time they see the snakes, curled up on one of the picnic tables, with a whole brood of snakelings.

"What happened?" the couple asks.

The snakes reply,
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