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Default Re: Somebody Tell A Joke


Heard this on the radio the other day. I think it'll qualify me for a good, hard spanking, too. In fact, I'll present my :donkey: now, I think - I'm just that keen. :wink:

So, three guys are in a strip club checking out all the girls and wishing they were the pole. They spy one girl who they think is particularly hot, and the first guy motions to her to come over. So she sashays across the floor to the guy and does a little bum dance at eye level for him. The guy is impressed with the eye candy, and showing off to his mates he pulls out a ten dollar bill, licks it, and slaps it on her ass like a stamp, and away she sashays again.

Anyway, number two guy also thought she was pretty darned fine, and he wonders how he can up the ante and impress her more than his friend did, and in the process look more impressive to his mates, too. So he motions her to back to their table. She slinks across the floor to the lads and again presents her booty for some tangible approval. Guy 2 pulls a $50 bill from his wallet, licks it, and slaps it on her rump like a stamp.

Whoa! Guy number 3 thinks. What am I gonna do to beat that?! (Lads in strip joints are so competitive, don'cha know). Anyway, he gestures for her brief company once again, and she bumps and grinds her way across the floor to the throbbing beat of 70's porn tunes. When she gets to guy number 3, she shimmies and shakes like a girl who knows she's on her way to San Fernando Valley Starletdom. Turning and bending, she presents her tush to Guy #3. Being the smooth dude that he is, he whips out his ATM card, swipes it down her bum, picks up the $60 stuck to her sweet cheeks and heads home.
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