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Originally Posted by Angakuk
Originally Posted by lisarea
The other day, I go to scratch my butt, and there's this giant hole in my pants.
I have had that very same thing happen to me. Turned out I had put my pants on backwards and left the fly open. I hate it when that happens.
And where were you, Preacher Man, when I was buying those new pants? DAMMIT. NOW I HAVE TOO MANY PANTS.

OK. But I want to say something about those pants. I got them at Target, and they are "Levi Signature" or whatever, which I later come to find out are the kind of pants Levis had to make because of WALMART. Which is why they sucked.

Plus, they're designed to be really tight, so I got a too big of size because I don't like that, and then when I went back and got the correlating real Levis to replace the WALMART kind of pants that ran like some pair of pantyhose or whatever, the too big of size is actually so big that I have to be hiking them up all the time.

And THAT is why I am an atheist.
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