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Default Re: Another Mass Shooting

I posted this status on fb and it's gotten twenty likes so far, so I might as well post it here too :cookiemonster: It repeats some stuff I've already said here but expands on many of the points in a bit more detail, so it's probably useful.

1. Many members of the human race are shit. Today's events make it plain that you should make it clear to the people who actually deserve your affection that they have it. I wish I were any good at doing this.

2. Banning guns will not eliminate gun crime. It will just drive the gun market underground, where it cannot be controlled and will be in the hands of criminals.

3. However, sensible gun control policies have been shown in multiple academic studies to correlate strongly with reductions in gun violence. This does not mean banning all guns. It means enacting background checks for purchasing weapons, and it means providing those who buy guns with mandatory training.

4. More important than the gun debate, and likely to get buried under the noise created by the yelping dopes that dominate both sides of it, is the fact that our mental health care system is atrocious. People with mental illnesses are not actually more likely to commit crimes; they are in fact less likely to commit crimes and more likely to be the victims of them than the average person. On the other hand, there is more to mental health care than simply caring for people with mental illnesses. Mentally well-adjusted people do not go into schools and start shooting indiscriminately, and if everyone in this country got the treatment they needed, incidents like this would be a lot less common.

5. Fuck everyone.

Did I cover all the bases? I hope I covered all the bases.
Tying into point #4: When You Tie Shootings to Mental Illness » Ashley Miller

Meanwhile, in response to the already-beginning "war on weirdos" alluded to above, one of my friends had this to say, which I think is just perfect:

Let's begin the war on 'weirdos' again!

Lanza’s strange behavior was well-known among his well-heeled neighbors in leafy Newtown, Conn. His antics irked several residents.

“Adam Lanza has been a weird kid since we were 5 years old,” a neighbor and former classmate named Tim Dalton wrote on Twitter. “As horrible as this was, I can't say I am surprised . . . Burn in hell, Adam.”

He was also seen as an odd figure at Newtown High School.

Even before that, Lanza walked the halls of his middle school carrying a black briefcase while most students lugged their belongings in backpacks. “That stuck out,” said Tim Lalli, 20, who graduated with Lanza in 2010. “It was different.”

Lalli said Lanza wasn’t a total outcast, but he didn’t speak much.

“Everyone just assumed he was a smart kid and that’s why he didn’t like talking to people all the time,” he said. “He hung out with the smart crowd.”
Smart? Odd? Not sociable?


“All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.” -Adam Smith

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