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Default Re: Decrypto

Two things:

1. Can you think of any reason we shouldn't just discuss our theories about what the words are?
2. I thought they had to guess the actual words, so I knew as soon as I found out otherwise that I'd lost that round for us. I am still working on some way to blame someone else for that.

Edit: There is no reason.

My guesses are that 1 is something like 'law,' which would explain in part why they weren't sure about 'traffic' in the first round, and that 4 has something to do with amusement parks. Three is the wildcard, and daffodil doesn't fit well with any of those other three unless 2 is Spring or something, which seems a little bit unlikely but I can't say for sure. Seriously, one thing is that I assume Cmurb wouldn't not give them a 3 again.
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