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Default Re: Help a linux noob!

Originally Posted by But View Post
Use Debian. Ubuntu is evil.
The KXStudio distro is apparently planning to move to Debian, but hasn't yet.

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
Although if you're making music, maybe you don't need to worry about the proprietary stuff.
If I wanted proprietary, I'd probably stick with Windows. And yes, I'm only looking at music making, not other media.

Originally Posted by JoeP View Post
Totally objective advice: use Kubuntu 16.04 or KDE Neon (both of which are Ubuntu-based distros) because KDE is a far better desktop environment than Gnome/Unity/other shit.
The KXStudio distro comes with an optimised KDE4. For audio, optimisation is crucial - you really need to eliminate as much latency as possible. Without that you get audible delays between playing a key or similar and hearing the output, which really mucks up the timing of a performance. That's one of the reasons I'm looking to go this route, because apparently the optimisation has already been done with this distro. Compare with Windows, where for audio you typically have to dig through services figuring out which ones you can turn off without breaking the OS (as well as other boot and startup settings).

A question - the spare desktop I'm wanting to use is a number of years old, is that likely to be a problem?
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