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Default Karen memes are pro-Trump propaganda: Fight me.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this briefly before, but I'm going to mention it not-briefly now because holy shit, these memes have infiltrated just about everywhere, including supposedly progressive and left-leaning places, and holy shit, I don't get how nobody seems to notice that these memes are explicitly and virulently misogynistic.

Here is Time magazine just today reporting on a bunch of 'humorous' tweets about Tropical Storm Karen, and providing a helpful explanation of the joke for those who weren't already familiar with it.

The stereotype of the annoying, entitled middle aged woman existed before Trump and before the Women's March and before women started running for office in record numbers to do their part to counter Trump. People have always been dismissive of women, especially women they consider past fuckable.

So there's always been a stereotype threat hanging over women's heads right around the same age that men start being perceived as sage and experienced. But I have never seen that stereotype so saturated before. It's usually been limited to MRAs and sometimes customer service forums where retail workers post exaggerated stories about them owning customers.

But it's everywhere now, along with the 'ask to speak to your manager' haircut memes and even the outsized representation of "Becky" in jokes about racist white people. Hell, there isn't even really an agreed-upon name for a panicky racist white man. But it was panicky racist white men who called the cops who murdered Tamir Rice and John Crawford, which I only remember because I had to correct people about those ones. And of course, it was panicky racist white men who murdered them, too. I've seen them called Chad, but that's just a repurposed incel meme. (To be clear, I don't mind there being memes about panicky racist white women. I mind that there's no readily recognizable one for panicky racist white men.)

I am not saying that these memes originated or have been perpetuated directly by pro-Trump operatives. Maybe it was organic. Maybe there was a swell of toxic misogyny that was just ready to burst in virtually every segment of society, and women brought it to a head by becoming more visible and politically active after Trump's election.

But I also wouldn't be one bit surprised if, somewhere during Trump's second term, it comes to light that these jokes and memes were specifically planted by Russian operatives to discredit his opponents.

Either way, intentionally planted or organic, they are pro-Trump propaganda and there is a very good chance they'll get him reelected.
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