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Default Anybody know anything about the lower Danube?

Particularly Bucharest? I'm mostly clueless.

I'm booked in to a river cruise from Constanta, on the Romanian Black Sea, up the lower Danube, through the Iron Gates, and with multiple riverside stops including Belgrade, unto Budapest.

Then, I've another ten days in Budapest. I think I've got the Pest scene down to what I want to do, but I'm intrigued with the central location and eager to try to reach some other locales for 'side trips'. What intrigues me are:

- Hallstatt. Back to the Saltmines and the World Heritage site with a view. [ETA: Salzkammergut!]

- Krakow. It looks to be within relatively easy reach.

- Dubrovnik and Split. This looks more difficult.

- Venice. I'm not interested, but my travelling companion is.

Then there is Bratislava. It is tres close. We have eaten lunch there and stumbled around the old a return is not so high on our list, but if we're northbound, it looks like we'll be going through it.

What are realistic expectations about reaching any of these destinations from Budapest? I figure two nights away from Budapest, allowing for travel and time to actually see something while there.

Has anybody been? If so, have you any pointers?
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