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Default Re: This Just in! Vaccines STILL Do Not Cause Autism

Originally Posted by LadyShea View Post
How was the threat overstated when 75% of people are infected at some point in their life?
Um...So, 230 million Americans are infected with HPV at some point in their lives? Yet, according to the figures we've seen here, only 4000 deaths a year are attributable to cervical cancer and of those, we don't know how many of them are linked to HPV, as there are other causes. It sounds like the STD equivalent to the common cold and its associated complications. That seems to me as though the huge bulk of those millions affected by HPV infection weather it and return to health and only a 'vanishingly small' proportion show adverse incidents due to their infection....rather like that 'vanishingly small' proportion of the vaccinated population which experiences vaccine injury in the process of inoculation. So...I guess we can dismiss the victims of HPV cervical cancer, just like we dismiss the victims of vaccine injury?
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