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Default Re: This Just in! Vaccines STILL Do Not Cause Autism

Originally Posted by LadyShea View Post
Huh? Almost all cervical cancers are linked to HPV, as are thousands of cases of cervical dysplasia. Have you read anything other than one chapter in one book?
Yep. And I'm not reading for information on dysplasia (which for me, tends to mean that the animal will have to be 'put down'), but for a social history of vaccines in the US. I'm also a child-free, aged, male adult who has little interest or concern in the direct benefits of HPV vaccination. I stand corrected on the linkage.

I have to ask you again, do you think the HPV vaccine does more harm than good? If you do can you name the concrete harms and provide evidence? If you do not, what exactly are you arguing about? Your true beef here is unclear to me.
I don't know, but I suspect the answer to your question is 'no', it is likely that the vaccine will not do more harm than good. Can I name concrete harms and provide evidence? No. Do I trust anything I've seen so far? Not really, but I give Conis more credence than I do you or anything emanating from the 'scientific community' you cite, because the 'scientific community' is tainted by the influence of the pharmaceutical industry. I await the Cochrane Collaboration review of the vaccine use for prophylaxis against cervical cancer, because I have more trust in that source than anything I've heard to date from those pushing this latest attempted imposition upon the public. I still do not trust the CDC, nor the FDA, nor Merck, nor any pharmaceutical company pronouncements about their products. They are all corrupt. My 'beef' is that I'm tired of hearing shit from vaccine proponents which fucking ignores shiploads of history and promotes an unrealistic mindless acceptance of whatever propaganda shit the pharmaceutical companies shovel out their doors. I'm tired of seeing anxious Americans demonized because they have reasonable concerns and the temerity to question the pharmaceutical industry and its lackeys in the government agencies which are supposed to regulate the industry and protect the public, but all too often just don't. I'm just fucking grumpy.
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