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Default Re: This Just in! Vaccines STILL Do Not Cause Autism

About on par, the article appears to be lifted from another nutjob site.

Raptor vaccineIn other words, this poll was taken right after the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, where there were some issues with the vaccine in Europe, and some concerns that the H1N1 virus wasn’t all that dangerous (which it was).

But more than that, relying upon polling data may not represent actual real-life experience. According the World Health Organization (WHO), 2014 vaccine uptake in France is one of the highest in the world. In fact, for diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, HiB and polio, the vaccine uptake rate for children exceeds 98%. France must be one of the best vaccinated countries on the planet.

Maybe the temporal relationship of attitudes to the H1N1 vaccine influenced the data in 2010. Because subsequent data seems to be out of sync with the “beliefs” of population.

More recent data on HPV vaccination attitudes in Europe seems to present data that also contradicts Minister Rivasi’s claims. It appears that over 82% of French parents are in favor of the HPV vaccinations for their sons. HPV vaccines are probably one of the most controversial vaccines in France, yet it’s considered important by a large majority of the population (although uptake of the vaccine remains low, because of a multitude of reasons).

Ironically, in an analysis of a localized measles outbreak in France, nearly 74% of those infected by the virus were not vaccinated. And of those infected, 29% of the parents were anti-vaccine.
Vaccine denier makes it up – France and vaccinations

So yes, France is opting out of vaccines if a 2010 poll is considered and not the actual vaccination rates, and they have had no outbreaks because of it, so long as actual outbreaks are ignored.
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